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Pride 2020—The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Join with the United States in celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Pride Month during June of 2020. Download this colorful free poster.

Faith + Freedom: Religion in the USA.

Faith plus freedom combine to create a religious life in the United States that is robust, diverse, and free. This photograph rich Faith + Freedom: Religion in the USA depicts how […]

DoS 230th Anniversary—Thos. Jefferson—First Secretary of State.

Download this free poster to commemorate 230 years of American diplomacy around the world! Created in 1789 as the U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs and later renamed the U.S. Department of State, […]

About America.

Handbook of Independent Journalism—Handbook Series.

This handbook provides an overview of the fundamentals of journalism. Author Deborah Potter writes that “journalism is both a profession and craft, since journalists draw on specialized skills and adhere […]

The Electoral College: 270 Votes to Win_eJournal USA.

Millions of U.S. voters cast ballots in nationwide elections for federal offices. Federal elections occur in even-numbered years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November for the popular […]

DisAbility: Empowering People with Disabilities.

People with disabilities are creative, innovative and industrious. They want to contribute, but they need a few things to do that. Accessible buildings and transportation, equal educational opportunities, adequate medical […]


Free and Fair Elections: Why Elections Matter.

Free and fair elections help ensure the peaceful and orderly transfer of power from citizens to an elected representative. They likewise provide the same for the transfer of power from […]

Religious Freedom in the United States_Poster.

Religious freedom is a fundamental right. Since the United States began, this right has been recognized. The nation’s founders insisted on free religious choice. The U.S. Constitution expressly protects religious […]

Outline of the U.S. Government—Outline Series.

What makes the U.S. government uniquely American? Learn about the separation of powers and the institutions and practices that constitute U.S. democracy. The structure of the U.S. government is defined by the Constitution, but the ways in which institutions and officials meet the requirements of the Constitution are open to interpretation.


International Day of the Girl Child 2018 poster.

Educating girls helps them to grow up to take better care of themselves, their families and their communities. Women who have learned skills become valuable workers who boost an economy. […]

Mobile Education Driven by Smart Ideas—Technology in Education Series.

A simple text message could be ideal for taking a math test for some schools today.

Priceless: The U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation.

Many of the iconic places and powerful traditions that have shaped our civilization are under siege.

English Learning.

Pop Culture Versus Real America—Learner English Series.

The world is often misled by pop culture images of the United States.


Global Entrepreneurship 2018.

Some people believe that entrepreneurs are born, not made. This belief is not true. This free poster lists three basic steps which can help anyone develop the mentality and the […]

Crowdfunding: The Power of People—Business Beginnings Series.

Crowdfunding harnesses the enthusiasm of social networks to raise money to fund a project.

Startup Smart: A Handbook for Entrepreneurs—Handbook Series.

This handbook provides these tools and guidance for adventurous individuals who are “ready to ride the rocket ship” of being an entrepreneur.


Preserve the Earth 2019: Protect Pollinators—Poster.

Bats, bees, hummingbirds and butterflies are only four of the 200,000 animal species of pollinators worldwide. Hence, our world enjoys plentiful fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables. But pollinators’ survival is currently threatened.

Preserve the Earth 2013: Conservation of the Great Cats.

The world’s great cats face threats from habitat loss, dwindling prey, and conflicts with humans, including poaching and trafficking.

Preserve the Earth 2014: Conservation of Migratory Birds.

For centuries, humans have marveled at the ability of birds to fly thousands of kilometers across oceans, mountains and national borders. Twice a year, an estimated 50 billion birds undertake extensive journeys to breed and feed.


Vaccines: Vital for Global Health.

Infectious diseases are everywhere, but vaccines can keep us healthy. Deadly epidemics can kill thousands of people. Before vaccines, that is exactly what happened. The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic killed an […]

PEPFAR: 15 Years of Raising AIDS Awareness.

2018 marks the 15th anniversary of PEPFAR—the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

Why Are So Many Americans Overweight?—You Asked Series.

An overabundant food economy promotes overeating.

Human Rights.

Stop Human Trafficking—It’s modern slavery.

Human trafficking is modern slavery and is a worldwide problem. Human trafficking however is also a local problem.

Americans with Disabilities Act.

The law prohibits discrimination by businesses and governments against people who have disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act in Action—Working with Disabilities Series.

Hiring qualified candidates who happen to have a disability has proved good for business.

Science & Technology.

Exploring Mars: The Next Frontier.

Why explore Mars? Foremost…it is the next most accessible planet in our solar system after Earth. NASA research also helps scientists answer important questions about the evolution of our own planet and solar system.

Apollo XI 50th Anniversary poster.

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin stepped onto the moon and into world history. They were the first humans ever to walk on another planetary body during […]

Preserve the Earth 2017: Biodiversity of the Polar Regions.

Diverse species of wildlife inhabit the Earth’s two polar regions which are our coldest and driest areas. Emperor penguins huddle together on the ice, incubating eggs in winters that bring temperatures as low as negative 48 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the tiny Arctic tern is the only terrestrial resident of both polar regions, flying 80,000 kilometers every year round-trip to catch the Antarctic summer before returning to its Arctic breeding grounds.

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