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Golf Handicap 5.0 is the latest version of the Golf Handicap series.  With over fifteen (15) years of development, your golf scores and handicap will be accuractly and securely kept.  With Golf Handicap 5.0 you will have a username and a password that is uniquely yours and allows you entrance to the web site.  From the opening page you will be able to add new players, new courses, and of course new scores for existing players. Once entered, players and courses (including course ratings and slopes) need not be entered again as the program retains that information. After the first time all you need do for a player is enter the 18 hole score and the date!


As a subscriber you may keep not only your own golf scores based upon the USGA slope-index formula, but if you are a "Handicap Secretary" for a golf club or a group of individuals, you can keep scroes for multiple members.

Using the Software

Completely editable, if you should mis-spell a name or the information for a round or course data changes, the data can be altered easily.

The subscription cost is $79.95 yearly. Again, this includes an unlimited number of members to  be added and updated during the year.

One also has the ability vieweing all members and their current handicaps or see the current rounds for an individual.  As per the USGA formula,the most recent twenty (20) rounds played for a member are shown.  Once twenty (20) rounds have been entered, the best ten (10) will show an asterisk (*) as being used in the calculation for the current handicap for that member.  Additional rounds will necessitate the removal of the oldest rounds played (which is done automatically), thus keeping twenty (20) rounds for the member.

Full editing...

Full ability to correct incorrectly entered rounds even after the fact. Also the ability to delete members should they leave your group and/or become inactive.
No need to Save or Save As. The database is updated immediately as soon as you click on the "Insert" link for a new round!  Multiple rounds may be enteed in any order as the scores are sorted by date played for you automatically.

Your assurance of quality, integrity and our promise to provide you with the best Golf Handicap softare available.  Version 5.0 is our latest and best product to date, providing benefits to everyone, keeping track of individual or multiple golf handicaps.
Sherrill Software Engineering assures your complete satisfaction with our product.  Extensive testing and satisfied customers attest to the software's reliability and ease of use.