International House Vancouver

International House Vancouver.

Experience real communicative lessons and small class sizes led by our experienced and well-trained teachers.

With an emphasis on learning English communicatively, our classes will have you actively engaged in your personal learning process. IH Vancouver views your language learning as a unique journey and helps you progress with a focus on production through speaking and writing , and comprehension through listening and reading. IH Vancouver incorporates the CEFR and IHWO standards and divides into 14 levels to ensure classes are directed towards your specific needs. You can choose from General English, Business English, English for Academic Purposes and Exam Preparation classes.

Which course of study is right for you?

General language classes in the morning will help you improve in all skill areas.

The afternoon speaking and listening class focuses on communicative skills.

IH Vancouver’s English for Academic Purposes course will provide you with the skills needed to succeed at a North American university or college.

IH Vancouver has been a leader in programs for young learners for over 20 years. With summer and winter camps and year-round programs, it is the ideal school for your children to improve their English and gain experience to last a lifetime.

Four Courses for General English Programs.

Semi Intensive AM (IHV-15, 15 Lessons/week) 8:50-11:40.

General English (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation)

Semi Intensive PM (IHV- 15, 15Lessons /week) 13:30-16:20.

Elective Class Options: – English through Film, Listening Skills, Reading and Speaking, Pronunciation, Grammar, Business Vocabulary, Puzzles & Games, etc.

Semi Intensive Plus AM (IHV-20 , 20 Lessons/week) 8:50-13:20.

General English class plus Speaking and Listening Focus Class -Specialty course Options: – Business English, English for Academic Purposes, Exam Preparation.

Semi Intensive Plus PM (IHV 20 – 20 Lessons/week) 12:30-16:20.

Speaking and Listening Focus Class, Plus: Elective Class options: – English through Film, Listening Skills, Reading and Speaking, Pronunciation, Grammar, Business Vocabulary, Puzzles & Games, etc.

Intensive ( IHV-30, 30 Lessons/week) 8:50-15:20.

Most popular program: General English or Specialty Courses Elective Class options.

Intensive Plus ( IHV-35, 35 Lessons/week) 8:50-16:20.

Most intense study option: General English or Specialty courses Elective Class options.

Sample Study Plans.

START Recently graduated from high school with intermediate English. GOAL To complete a degree program at a Canadian university.


Course: EAP (Pathway) Program: IHV-30 or IHV-35.

START A university student looking to take a break from current studies GOAL To improve English before graduating in order to help with the job search.


Course: General English Program: IHV-20 or IHV-30.

START Working with a company where English communication is required GOAL To improve general business communication skills.


Course: Business English Program: IHV-30.


Experience all that Vancouver has to offer through our activities!

Student Voices.

My name is Ana Cecilia, and I am from Mexico. My typical day will be going to school, trying new food, watching something on Netflix, and practicing my English. What I like about studying at IH Vancouver is the things that I learn, not just English, but the life lessons because you learn to be by yourself; and you don’t depend on anyone – not your mother, not your father, just yourself. The places that I like to go – it’s the English Bay and Stanley Park. It’s open. It’s fresh. There’s a lot of trees. If you want to study here in IH Vancouver, I would just recommend you to just do it because you won’t regret it. They’re really cool.

School Information.


Meet our staff who are eager to assist you.

Caroline Cabral.

Marketing Coordinator for Latin America.

Ryan Lee.

Marketing Coordinator for Korea.

Francine Rodrigues.

Housing Coordinator & Registrar.

Richard Lee.

Director of Marketing for Asia.

Sharon Wong.

Director of Studies.

Rana Salem.

Activities Coordinator.

Vancouver Campus.

Located in Downtown Vancouver, our location offers easy access to several of the city’s attractions. The attractive, purpose-built campus boasts 23 classrooms, a student lounge, a computer lab (with free internet and excellent Wi-Fi throughout the school), as well as a cinema, art gallery, a variety of shops and numerous dining venues all under the same roof.

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