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Welcome to Golf Handicap 5.0 Management Instruction Section

Welcome to the Management section of this web site. After reading this page, choose an item from the menu on the left to continue.

Most of the time you will merely make a choice from the links on the left side of the page,but you should probably read this page at least once.

Never a need to File | Save as ALL Data is inserted into database automatically upon Insert!

1. Under "Add New Player....r" here you will be adding new members into the database and this is the FIRST THING to be done before adding scores for a new member. Once you have entered a player's name you should click the "Insert" link to add the member.

If the member's name has been misspelled you can click on the "Edit" link for that particular member, make the change and then click on the "Update" link. This is also where you can "Delete" members that should no longer exist in the Database. It will also delete all their scores!

2. Under "Insert New/View All Courses" here you will add new courses that your group is now playing. A course must be added before it can be used in a "round addition" for a player and only needs to be done once!

Merely add the course name in the "Course_Name" box, the course rating in the "Course_Rating" box and the course slope in the "Course_Slope" box. If you use various tees on the same course you may want to list the course name as (e.g.) "Dove Hill - White Tees"  or some such distinction as different tee boxes on the same course will have different ratings and slopes. When the information has been entered click on the "Insert" link. Should you want to edit a course or the course rating or slope changes, merely click on the "Edit" link for that course, make the change(s) and then click on the "Update" link. You can also DELETE a course if none of your members are playing that course.

3. Under "View All Players (Edit/Delete/Select..." here you have the ability to do several things while viewing ALL of the rounds for ALL players in your group. Eight (8) rounds listed per page.

  • You can "Edit" a round if the score or date is incorrect.
  • You can "Delete" a round if necessary.
  • You can also "Insert" a new round for a player. This would be the most common use for this page. When "Inserting" a round for a member is is important that you fill in ALL of the information asked for such as the Score, the Date and all of the information regarding the course played. Course information will automatically be inserted when the course is choosen. When all the information is entered correctly, merely click on the "Insert" link. A  new row will appear on this page with the new round shown at the bottom of the list.
  • The disadvantage of this page is that ALL members are shown. If you have specific member to add a round to you should probably use the "Insert New Round (Edit/Delete/Select..." link on the left.
  • Once twenty (20) rounds have been entered for a player,  asterisks (*) will indicate the best ten (10) rounds played. Also, multiple pages will become available (1,2,3,...). Merely click on the page you wish to see

 4. Under "Insert New Round (Edit/Delete/Select)... " you will need to select a member of the database from the drop down list. Ten (10) rounds listed per page.

The new page will give you all of the rounds for just that player. You will now need to click on the "Click once to select Player, then click link a second time to enter Round data! " link.

Now you are presented with a page in which you need to enter all of the relevant data for this new round of golf, making sure that All fields are populated with the correct information. Once you are satisfied with the data, merely click the "Insert" link.

After "insertion" that same page will be presented to you once again assuming that you may have other scores to enter for that player. If you need to do something else, merely click on one of the links on the left margin.