Welcome To Sherrill Software Engineering

Sherrill Software Engineering is run, owned and operated by Cliff Sherrill. Cliff is a thirty year teacher of Computer Science with a Master's Degree from Arizona State University and undergraduate degree from the University of California, Irvine.

Sherrill Software Engineering was started in 1998. The company's product is Golf Handicap now is version 5.0 - Cliff has used and taught in many coding languages, the current version of Golf Handicap being written in asp.net V4 and using SQL  as the Database Management System. Teaching Computer Science is my vocation, golf is my avocation. Thus, idea of starting a software company and putting together a golf handicap program in software seemed like a natural.

Encouraged and helped by many, but this ia a one man show, from the software to the web pages and everything in between. Being in charge of all aspects of the operation may take longer, but it does have its advantages in terms of control.

The company prides itself with prompt courteous service. Specialized attention with your satisfaction guaranteed