Mission Statement

Simply stated, the mission of Sherrill Software Engineering has been to continue to develop the finest golf handicapping program available at a reasonalble cost.

Our golf handicap program has been through many changes, all of them making the newest version better than the previous and after fifteen years of development the program is as sound and reliable as can be made

Our customers have made many terrific suggestions and requests over the years and ALL of them have been considered and many have been incorporated in the succeeding versions of the program. Starting off humbly with version 1.0, there were some problems along the way, but constant attention and development have lead to the most recent version that is rock solid.

Starting with the idea that there are individuals and groups out there that have no other way to determine a value they would like to know, namely their handicap, the program was conceptualized

Now some fifteen years later the program works well and is easy to use. Monitoring the USGA approved formula for determining one's slope-index (handicap), Golf Handicap 5.0 is as error free as can be made

One of the things I know is that reputation is everything and Sherrill Software Engineering is committed to doing everything it needs to in order to meet your needs concerning handicap values. This software works and I have worked hard to make sure it works.

Remember whether you seek to manintain one or hundreds of handicaps, Golf Handicap will do the job, I guarantee it!


Cliff Sherrill, President and CEO, Sherrill Software Engineering

Sherrill Software Engineering assures your complete satisfaction with our product. Extensive testing and satisfied customers attest to the software's reliability and ease of use.