How to Subscribe to Golf Handicap 5.0

This version of Golf Handicap is web based. What this means is that all you need to access your data is an internet connection and a web browser. Whether it be from a Desktop computer, a laptop computer, tablet or a mobile phone it doesn't matter and since the product is web based, you can be away from home and still be able to enter scores form virtually anywhere.


Since access to the database and your scores is web based you will need a username and password.

Using The Software

I am a "one man show" at Sherrill Software Engineering. I am a Computer Science teacher by trade and a lover of the game of golf. Creating a golf handicaping piece of software for people to being able to access has been my "second job" for the last fifteen (15) years. You can either send me a check to the address below or we now have the ability to use PayPal.(See above link)

The cost is $79.95 per yearly subscription. Again, this includes an unlimited number of members to be added and updated during the year.

If you will either call (928.533.8075) me or email me I will be happy to create an account for you immediately. Then within a "reasonable" amount of time I would expect payment for the above amount.

My Address:

Make Checks payable to:

Elbert C. Sherrill II
2007 W. Katahn Dr.
Prescott, Arizona 86305


Your assurance of quality, integrity and our promise to provide you with the best Golf Handicap Software available. Version 5.0 is our latest and best product to date, providing benefits to everyone keeping track of individual or multiple golf handicaps.

Sherrill Software Engineering assures your complete satisfaction with our product. Extensive testing and satisfied customers attest to the software's reliability and ease of use.