Try the Product our for Free...

Most all software on the market has a "demo" version, that either lasts for a brief period or is otherwise "crippled" in some way.
This product is no different in that you should be able to try the software to see if it would be something you might like.


So you will need a username, password and a link for the product.

Using The Software

The issue here is that there are others that will be adding players, courses and scores with the same username and password in this demo version, thus you will be able to see their information as well as they yours. Fully editable, you have the ability to delete players, alter scores and make necessary changes that you might want to make. As this might become somewhat "chaotic", I will from time to time clear these records, so don't count on the data being permanent.

The cost is $49.95 per yearly subscription. Again, this includes an unlimited number of members to be added and updated during the year.

The point of this being that your information could be altered by others since they have the same username and password and thus the same priviledges that you do in this demo version. However, this version will give you a complete chance to see how to use the software.

Full editing......

Once you have your own username and password, you will be completely insulated from others and no harm can come to your data. No one else will be able to see your data.

The username you should use is: test#ab
and the password is: test#ab

and the link is Login here!
Enjoy and I hope you will decide to subscribe to the product to get your own account!

Sherrill Software Engineering assures your complete satisfaction with our product. Extensive testing and satisfied customers attest to the software's reliability and ease of use.